In March, 2011, I noticed that Snowy started having some unexplained hair loss. I don't think it is parasites because the other 6 girls she lives with are all good and fluffy. On top of that, she seems to have mood swings and is agitated frequently, chasing her roomies and attempting to hump them.

At first, I though this was just her in season, but these persisted for more than a week, and I took her to several doctors. After blood test and Xray, they couldn't find anything. Her appetite was good and hearty the whole way through, so I thought whatever is bothering her...can't be threatening her life....

After asking around a lot, we figured the best explanation is she has an ovarian cyst, all her symptoms point to it: symmetrical alopecia on her sides, mood swings, enlarge, crusty nipples. So she went in for a spay. We were worried  because despite being a healthy sturdy pig, she is around 4 years old, and guinea pigs are not good surgery candidates. On the other hand...she just looks so uncomfortable all the time, she can't settle down because her hormones are driving her up and down....I can sympathize with her as a female myself

Snowy came back from her spay looking quite frail if not a bit disgruntled at me, but day after day, she started getting better. Since she was alone in her boring hospital cage, the most exciting part of her life is critical care feeding, which she gobble-gulped up in such eagerness it would dribble all the way down to her paws

It has been over a month since her spay now, and she is happily living with a male (who is all too happy for her company...). The most rewarding moment is seeing her hair gradually grow out, so that she is not back to her fluffy white self. Her weight has also climbed back up from 800g to 1000g. Snowy is my little trooper, she never worried me, whenever I think of her, I know she can pull through anything. Why? Because if there is food in this world, there is will to live

Grateful thanks to Dr. Gerry at Victoria Vet Clinic for doing such a neat,, amazing job for her

And now..it's time for her to tell the story.








































Here she is, still mad at me

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