If I had the power to pass legislation I would like to designate a Minipuff Appreciation Day. I'm sure many of you will back me up on that one

So the other day I came home and I found this:

and sometimes, amidst all the frenzy, rough and tumble of life I guess that's all I need to come home to. and like I said before...just have my whole life tucked in right next to me. 


It's a curious thing really, how you both lose and find yourself when you have that.

so Mini started out like this, among all her bros and sis and you can already tell she's a grand little thing. quite nothing like her father, who was sweet and demure and darling.... 


while you really don't want to be on the receiving end of Minipuff's Wrath. 


that said, she's incredibly human-savvy and melts right into me when we're together.

In my dad's words, she's that colleague at work who's a snob. super sucker upper to the boss (me), and then gives all her subordinates (cage mates)...attitude...

but I mean, to be fair she puts up with me too. quite a bit. 


poor wee thing, all that fluff and cuteness overload makes her very misunderstood.

she was always a daredevil, even at 2 weeks old 


she was hard to impress. then: 


and now:


 also, she looks so very much like her old man it breaks and melts my heart to see her sometimes


those of you that have followed my thread over the years will be familiar with some of these classic photos of Puffy, they just keep coming back to me. 


anyhow, sibling rivalry started early. 

and lasted you know. all the way..

she's real mischievous, this one. like that time she decided to walk on TOP of weaver's cottage and freak the inhabitants out. 


After a long absence, I guess I just wanted to do this post real quick because I think sometimes we forget that the best things in life really are free. (for the sake of literary effect let's ignore the expenditures on vet/food/GG shampoo and just focus on the sentimental aspects...)

which is exactly why they're overlooked. so let's get back down to earth and take a moment with them. or I'd like it to be many more years. 


After all, it's not everyday that a Mini (and Pudding, and Pom Pom) turns 5!!!


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