1) Make your own rooting box!

You will need:

- a tray, or some spare coroplast

- spare fleece (or some soft clothing as substitute, although cotton doesn't absorb as well)

1) Find some kind of tray/container as a box, here I have used a coroplast tray I cut, scored, and taped to size. It can be any size you want!

2) Then, find some left over spare fleece, cut them into shreds measuring around 3cm by 10cm. In this box, there is around 200 shreds.

3) Place a layer of fleece at the bottom for footing and absorbancy

4) Dump your pile of shredded fleece in, fluff them up!!


Yes, that's all there is to it!













Look at Snowy all comfy snoozing in the box..










She also enjoys "eating" them when food is in short supply










At first, my pigs couldn't figure out what the box is for, and they never hop in! You could cut a U shape on the side to serve as a doorway, but I didn't like the idea of fleece spilling out and a mess. Instead, I placed the box right at the landing of the ramp coming down, so every time the pigs needs to go up/down, they must go through the box, so they're not afraid of it anymore



head first!










Washing shredded fleece: when you are washing these fleece shreds, place them in a washer bag so they are kept together.

2) Fiddlesticks/pajama pants tunnel

Hi guys, this is a great idea I've come up with, the piggies love it, and it's super straight forward to make!

You will need:

- a pair of old pajama pants, as snuggle as possible, please!

- fiddlesticks/wooden bridge, or some kind of arc

note: This thing works best if the width of your fiddlesticks is about the same as the width of your pajamas.

1) Fit the fiddlesticks right inside the pants. The bigger your fiddlesticks, the better, because it will open up the pants all the way, so that BOTH legs are fully accessible by the pig, once it's inside

2) Make sure the opening is obvious to your pig! and....you're done!











Piggies also like to huddle inside in the colder weather, it can be very cozy inside









"Where's the entrance? I wanna go again!"











Just came out!








3) Add a platform

an added furry cushion on the platform encourages your pig to hop on, snuggle up, and nap








You will need:

a grid

- a grid cover (can be ordered, or hand sewn to size), use any soft material, preferably fleece

- cable ties

1) Bend the grid 90 degrees

2) tie it to a spot in your cage, using cable ties

3) ensure that it is elevated off the ground so that a piggy can fit underneath, and it's not too high for the pig to jump on and off







4) fit the grid cover on.

5) Making the grid cover: You can either get some cloth, cut it to double the size of your grid, then fold, and sew along the let and right, leaving an opening at the top for fitting onto the grid. OR, simply CLIP a piece of cloth on with file binders. OR, you can buy these cavy cozies here , Tammy at cavymadness has some beautiful cavy cozies, that can both be used as a cozy, and they fit perfectly onto standard size cc cage grids

note: I fit the grid covers on AFTER the grid is secured to the cage because that way, every time I need to wash the grid cover, I don't need to remove the platform. the grid cover will only cover the half of the grid that is "horizontal" and not the vertical half against the wall, which won't affect your piggies at all

4) Hammocks for Hamsters!

You will need:

- a small piece of cloth/fleece you think is the appropriate size for your hamster

- paper clips


1) Pierce through the four corners of your fleece with a paper clip each, be careful not to pierce your fingers..!


2) Twirl the paper clip in 4 corners at the ceiling of your hamster's cage. Make sure the hammock isn't stretched too taut and has some slack, and that it is close to sides of the cage, which is where your hamsters will be climbing up from to access the hammock!


3) Place your hamster in! It should be able to figure out how to get out and down from it soon, since it'll have to go down to earth for food/water. Once it knows how to access this "house in the air", it's going to become one of their favorite napping spots!!


4) Maisy just waking up from a nap from her heaven house


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