Cotton was a special boy. Born August 9th, 2010, he weighed about 90g with big pink floppy ears 

Cotton was my favorite out of the five babies, a) because he was beautiful and b) he looked more and more like his daddy as he grew bigger. He has the sweetest temperament and the softest little body...

Despite his efforts to fit in...he always stood out :) 


As he grew, he decided that being smothered by mommy was no longer cool, 


and soon figured out which was his better side 


When he reached the 3 week mark he was taken out with his brother Fuzz where they continued their mischief 

and endeavors...(the girls' cage is on the other side) 


One day, he came out from hibernation looking like this!


Cotton was surely one of my prettiest piggies 

 and one of my sweetest

I remember that whenever I walked by his cage, I could not resist taking him out for a quick snuggle. When I reach my hand in, Fuzz always promptly dashed away but Cotton was always friendly (or maybe a bit slow, like his dad), so this is what I usually see: 


The slightest downside was that Cotton had a certain...stink :) But without that, he wouldn't be Cotton. So I would snuggle him against me for a while, but my arms would start to itch soon after, I seem to be particularly allergic to his fur. Then I'd be simultaneously turned off when I catch a whiff of Cotton-ness. So I'd be tempted to put him back, but then I see this face! 


...and I'd just have to take him back out again :)

Sigh, Cotton. It's been a year this July 11th. Whenever I think about that day I am still wrecked with guilt. Your death was a preventable one, and it kills me to realize I let you go. I'm sorry I couldn't save you...that I waited too long to get you to the doctor...and you were gone on the way. You were so limp that night you could not even hold your head up, and as you suckled the critical care, it dribbled back out...I remembered losing hope, I was afraid to look at you for fear that you were already gone... 

But you hung on. Cotton...thank you for being mine. Thank you for being strong, even though you were so weak. I miss you so much. We all do.


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