FIRST things first: it's the babies' two year old birthday today! Wow...really? Two years! In Pig Years, that makes my pigs...about the same human-equivalence of my age.
Here they are..

and of course, we miss our baby boys, too. Cotton, you're always with us. And Fuzz, I'm sure you're living the sweet life with you mistress Shui Mui ;) 

Look look! There they were...we have from the left: Cotton, Pom pom, Minipuff, Pudding-butt and a Fuzz-side, who is actually suckling milk from Snowy, in the back! and of course, no family is complete without a daddy to stand guard. Cotton obviously felt HE was more apt for the job... 

I remember the stare downs they used to have.
I'm the head of the house!
no, scruffyhead I am!

I guess we have a winner 


I remember those revision days, our desk was right next to Cotton and Fuzz's cage. They'd be a distraction, and a reassurance at the same time. 

While the girls had the luxury of living in a 3 x 6 multi layered cage with their mama, aunt and half sisters from previous marriages *cough*


what? what previous marriage? where? who? WHEN?

*yawn* nothing...nowhere...nobody...

Happy birthday Pom pom! We'll get your colored-self-portrait developed real soon, just wait.... 

Pudding, you're beautiful :) happy birthday!! 


Happy birthday Minipuff...come on, this face on your big day? Really? 

Sigh, sweeties...let's have many more birthdays together, thank you for coming into my life...and being in my life...and staying with me. Don't ever let go.  ?


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