A good friend of mine recently lost her precious piggy, Popcorn. She was a beautiful girl...

I'm reminded yet again of how cruel reality is, how powerless we are when tragedy strikes, and...how those we love just aren't here for nearly long enough. I feel a sense of urgency...that time is running out. I see the trail that time has left behind, in the white hairs on my mom, in the thin, shrinking frame of Shylie, in the age lines on my father's face. I feel so helpless, and overwhelmed with regret, for all the things I didn't get to do, or didn't do at all.

If only time could slow down, that we could go back, and

Fix the things we broke,

hug the ones we hurt,

and take back what we hadn't meant to say. 

To remember what it was like to be a kid,


when life was as simple as..

finding our way back home 


To make up for the fights we had 

tell the person we love, exactly that, 


relive the moments that we miss so much 

..and do all the things we thought we still had a tomorrow for, but never did.