The great thing about CC cages is that you can constantly change up your ideas and designs. Here is an evolution of my girls' cage through the years.

Our cage used to be split into 2 cages, a 3 x 4 for the girls, and a 2 x 3 for the boys. 


Then we combined the cage by removing the barrier in between. Now the girls live in a 3 x 6.



 Before we combined the cage:




Then I decided we can make better use of the space above the cage, and built in a hospital cage. This was before the hospital cage (didn't exist yet)


After the built-in hospital cage. It is a 1 x 3. When there are no ill pigs, we use it for storage.


Then I realized we could make a ramp that leads to this level, then the girls have an extra 1 x 3 elevated floor space to explore!





 Minipuff waiting for the hay delivery HELLLOOO!!!!!




 Making their way back downstairs for their afternoon nap!


  Feel free to share with me your cc cage idea. 

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