Please build us a big spacious Cubes and Coroplast cage! 

Building a CC cage:

You can secure the coroplast together either with tape, or cable ties. Make sure the sharp end of the

cable ties is facing OUT, so as not to poke your piggies in the eyes!!

Here are just a few photos of my pigs in their CC cages. The best thing about these is that you can literally come up with any design or size you want. The possibilities are endless! I usually make my cages at least 2 levels, sometimes even 3. Piggies love variety, and lots of space to roam and explore. 



With the girls cage adjacent to the boys', this meant the gentlemen constantly have something to drool about....


Not that the girls care much. They do enjoy the attention, though


Designing your cage

It just takes a bit of brainstorming, that's all Think about how much space you have. Can you make a 2 x 3? or 2 x 4? Or perhaps a 3 x 3? Once you have the base area, try building some second levels! Pigs do enjoy running up and down ramps. They are very adventurous - given the opportunity.

3 level cage

The base is 3 x 3, the middle floor is 2 x 3 and the highest is 1 x 3, this ensures you can see the pigs on all levels!



A (bigger) 3 level cage

Base is 3 x 4, with an L shaped second floor and a 1 x 1 tower at the top!



This is actually what the real cage turned out as. I reversed the L, and the tower is on the right inner corner, rather than the left inner corner. 


2 x 3 cage, Idea 1

Second level along the back. 1 x 3. This may result in some stray poops landing behind the cage, hard to clean.


2 x 3 cage, Idea 2

Second level on the side, although this will be a 1 x 2, smaller than the one above. 

2 x 3 cage, Idea 3

This is the one I eventually built, because the L shaped second floor maximizes space, at the same time ensuring you can still see the pigs on the first floor!

With hay rack on the second floor!


3 x 4 cage

A very simple 3 x 4 cage design. My very first CC cage was like this.


3D Version

Real life version,starring my very special piggy resident, Puffy


4-level 2 x 3 cage

This design was intended to house my 2 boar pairs, 1 pair on the top bunk, the other 2 on the lower bunk. Makes good use of space when you can't build length-wise.


3D Version

Real life version - upper bunk

That piggy in the corner looking very much like a stuffed animal is Snoopy 


Real life version - lower bunk


I hope I have given you some ideas to design your piggy's dream home In Hong Kong, space is usually a problem, which is why most of my cages are multi levels, I try to maximize space by building up. Make SURE you reinforce your cage with cable ties at every juncture so it doesn't...topple over

This is a really excellent example of someone making the most out of a store bought cage. Winnie didn't have space to accommodate a CC cage, but transformed the original boring pet shop cage into a multi-leveled playground. It really makes a big difference to the pigs.

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