What's the meaning of life, Snoopy?

"say what?"


"oh okay! hang on just a sec, I'll show you"


"wait wait, it's coming it's comin'..."


"The meaning of life, lies in the Essence of the Poop"


"hey mom! I know! I know what's the meaning of life!"

"scoring with the ladies"

"*cough*, you mean *trying* to score?"

So let's all sit down with a pen and pad, and jot down the following notes in professor Minipuff's lecture on life:

"All seated then? okay. We shall begin. The MEANING of (a pig's) Life IS..."


Be Confident


Show your best side

Make your intentions known:

"you're not gonna bugger off with that camera? fine. you still lose"

Look vulnerable...

But BE ferocious

Dare to confront your enemies

 Don't back down


Master the I'm-so-innocent-of-course-it-wasn't-me Look ... afterwards 

Stand your ground

"no you will NOT be taking anymore photos of me today!"

Be in search of new opportunities


and victims












Be good to humans, because they are the food source  

Stay in your comfort zone, because we are pigs and the humans worry about the danger zone



Be ready to receive love :

? ? ?

No need to give love :

? ???

No need to share

(These following are contributed by the daddy):

Cherish rare occasions when the lady gives you the comfier spot 

Because these moments are truly very rare... 

And it's only a matter of time before they kick you out  (or to the back)

Study hard


 Choose the right side

Endure bad hair days. They happen 

Yawn to your heart's content  

L?ve your life

and l?ve your wives 


(back to Minipuff):

But more importantly, scare off intruders to YOUR tunnel

If they come in from the back,

 >> Fart <<

"...Um, I just want to clarify, those evil-genes of hers did NOT come from me. The only thing she inherited from me are my good looks. All that viciousness? Ask the mother"

"May I help you?"

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