Jan 11, 2011

Puffy left us on December 19th, 2010. That was a Sunday. Just a few days earlier, Tuesday that same week, I bought a box of blueberries - always a treat for the pigs - for my herd.

As usual, I was greeted with the utmost enthusiasm, I daresay I couldn't even eat one for myself as 13 demanding pigs had to be fed one after the other.

It's quite a hilarious site, as Puffy's mansion cage is exactly facing the double-decker cage housing Bug/PJ/(below),Snoopy/Shirley/Jiffy (above). So Serena was busy making 180 degree turns on the spot - back and forth, back and forth :P and also running to the living room to attend to Cotton and Fuzz!!

"We ain't gonna put this face on for much longer if we don't get some berries in our moufs!! "

warned Shirley and Jiffy 


 You know why blueberries are a BIG hit with the pigs?

 ...because they are the perfect size for their little mouths =)

*loses momentum*
*falls over backwards*




Snoopy: "Did you get one? cuz you're not getting one till I get one FIRST!"
Shirley: "hmph! Even if I DID get one, wouldn't tell ya! "
Jiffy: "er...best keep a low profile while them ladies bicker..."



and yes....just not long ago, there was still that Mr.Puffybutt in the cage (notice Minipuff preparing for ambush...) 



 *Puffy getting into position......*



 *Me falls over backwards*



"Booberry? Where da Boobewwy??"



"Oh god, ma....you're not gonna make me meow for the food again...are you Not infront of my kids!!"


No....Puffy. You don't have to do anything. I would give anything to have just one more day with you



Snowy shows just how tall she can stand



and Shylie proves that good looks can get you anything



 Here is our sweet Puffy. 

did anyone fall for that?

That was MINIPUFF!!

Jiffy + Shirley = share


Jiffy + Snoopy = NO SHARE!


MA! We only had half each! Another one please!!



 Seriously...Snoopy's face IS irresistible sometimes



Shylie has an announcement to make!

"Ahem! When a lady has a pretty face, all you have to do is stand up straight...like so..."



"and the food will simply come to you"
*lookin' all smug*



aiy..I can't resist this face even if I wanted to


 What a jolly set of delightful pictures. Yet everytime I look at them...I can only see 1 pig

 The piggy who started it all

My sweet Puffy....I could only mourn for you a few days, and then it had to be pushed aside by exams. My head is swimming so much with revision, that I have only managed to spare some bits and pieces of time for you. Like in the shower, or at night. I still miss you, I always will. When something has been a big, big part of you....when it has been your everything....what happens when it is gone?

Sweet Puffy....thank you for being so strong. For being such a little trooper all the way to the end. Just a few days before your awful stone, you still left me with pictures that will forever remind me of what a happy little pig you have been....how much you loved being My Puffy



Jan 22, 2011

I'm sorry for being absent for some time. Life has been hard on me. I admit that since losing Puffy....I feel at a loss as to what to post...what to write about...whether to take photos at all anymore...

I'm never gonna get out of this one. There will always be a gaping hole in me that time cannot heal. He was really...truly...my everything. Everytime I am in a rough patch, I think of that smile on his face, and I smile. Puffy...and only Puffy...made my world that much brighter when it was so very dark. He fits so snuggly right in my arms...he makes me feel so, so loved. When I think of him, I feel warm from the inside out.

I miss him...I miss him so painfully much. I have lost him for a month now...why does it feel longer than that? He is like my little angel, I only wish his stay with me on earth wasn't so...fleeting.

Puffy was my anchor, and now I am a lost ship drifting aimlessly at sea.

I go through the motions of taking care of my remaining 12 pigs. I love them, of course I do. But...I still mumble Puffy's name under my breath, I still see the ghost of him in the cage...

Look at that sweet face...he made himself right at home in my lap from day 1. He knew he found his mommy.


He is the only one who learned his name. He'll perk his little head right up at the sound of "PAaaa-ffy?"


 This is the look of love ♥_♥

When I think of him...I like to remember him like this: warming his bum on sunny afternoons. Enjoying life to the fullest



A part of me wants to reminisce and write about Puffy all the time...every time...in every post. But if I have 1000 photos of him now, then I will always have 1000 photos of him. There will never be 1001. These little things just break me up.

I want to thank Denice and Mildred, two of my dearest friends here on GL, for sending me this beautiful necklace that I can put a lock of Puffy's hair inside. It is something I will forever cherish



I wore it around my neck a few days, feeling close to my baby. But one morning I woke up to find only the cap attached. I found the other half in my bed, and I don't want to risk losing it outside. I hung it up inside his cage, and it makes me smile when I see it, that he is with his wives and daughters, like its always been.


 Ji, my friend in Singapore, bought some pressies for the piggies this christmas!

 hmm...by the look on Minipuff's face, I'd say the footing is very soft and snuggly indeed!

oh yes, she loves a finger under her chinny like her papa did =")



Looks like Minipuff inherited a philosophical streak; she likes to sit with a thoughtful, slightly confuddled expression on her face, her head tilted to one side...pondering the Meaning of Life



 ...like her daddy used to do =) Not sure if Puffy ever arrived at any answers though...


While father and daughter put their thinking caps on, Cotton is busy fluffing up his hair, poof! Are you sure a cloud didn't just float into my bedroom...I am delighted to discover that Cotton is a cuddle-snuggle pig like Puffy =') The down side is that he has *quite* a bit of boar stink!!



Here are Puffy's mourning widows



 ...and Puffy's step daughter, Snoopy. You know what I realized? Puffy is younger than his stepdaughters

I must say Snoopy got a little *distracted* halfway through the photoshoot. and for once, it's not food she's perking her head up at




Snoopy: "Psst, Minipuff! I think that handsome dood in the card is checkin' me out!"
Minipuff: "Wat?! No way...he's facing the other way, can't you see? besides, you're going on a diet before you go on a date, Snoop!"

Snoopy: "Mama? What is a die-it?"

Snoopy: "WHAT! That's an outrage! Eating less food...are you sure you don't mean more?"



"That's ridiculous, ma. Do not mention that word Die-It to me again, it gets me hungry just thinking about it. Now if you don't mind, please give me and my handsome dood some privacy!"



"Why is he so non-responsive? can he not see me?" 

 *jiggling big round bum*

Today is not Snoopy's best day....first she learned the meaning of that dreadful word "Die it", and then she discovers that she has been...cloned

Fuzz: "brrrr, hey lady! Looking for a REAL man?"



oh yes, people, believe it. We now not only have a Mini-puff...but also a Min-snoop!






and who is the master-creator of all this...like-ness?
That fat mama we call Snowy :)



Puffy oh Puffy...

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