Minipuff turns a whopping 6 years old today! :') 

Day she was born, I remember she weighed a wee 80g 

and...here she is today 


what happened in between? well...

she mastered the stink eye at a young age


stood her ground. down to every last bit of fluff 


went to Hogwarts and got sorted by the Hat! 


kept in shape


kept in style 


kept on eating 


...kept on fighting with her sister Pudding 


and most of all, kept snuggly with mama ?


just like her beautiful daddy used to do, oh - Puffy. Can your heart melt and break at the same time? yes.


Minipuff is a feisty little lady. Just over 600g, and clearly not a gram less 



and when t'was the full moon, I see cranberries in the house did bleed

Aw, sweetie. it seems you are an indispensable part of so much of my life, the long long hours of revision that you plowed through with me


keeping me company on my lap as I knit


and, well...just keeping me company, in general 


A Bon Jovi lyric just came into my mind, words can't say what love can do

After all these years, I find I'm really at a loss for words as I try to express just how much she means to me. So let's not say anything, let's just keep it in the heart.