For my friend, Marsha and her furry family ♥


Many of you may know Marsha Weaver, because she makes the famous weaver cozies for our little ones. Marsha is a dear friend to all of us and I was so sad to learn of the tragedy that hit her family in April this year. Her house was flattened by a vicious tornado that not only ruined her home but took the lives of a few of her very precious piggies and ratties.

When something this devastating happens, I am just lost for words...so I tried to do something for her that will bring even the slightest smile to her face... You are so strong, Marsha, thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many piggies worldwide *HUG*  



 Natasha - 9 year old sow



 Rosa - the beauty




My Shirley posing with beautiful Rosa




Sherman - a gentleman




Snoopy thinks Sherman is drool-worthy!


"he is gorrgeeeaass! "



 Wesley - a very brave boy




Mr. Peabody and Dudley

 another pair of Weaver's boys, who passed a few months earlier


"I have the same colors as Dudley!"


Thinking of you, Marsha